Friday, April 25, 2014

Two Weeks Later...

So my RM friends told me that on the mission "Days feel like weeks and weeks feel like days."
I never realized that was so literally true.
It's only been, what, three days? It feels like far, far longer than that. Like last night at dinner I was trying to remember details of a lesson from days before and my companion was like... "Sister... that was this morning." And I was like, "REALLY???"
I have a couple of theories of why this is.
One: there are no distractions at the MTC. No media, movies, cell phones, ect. We account for  every moment we are here. Time just doesn't get away from us!
Two: The Lord knows that 12 days really isn't enough time to prepare us to be full time missionaries. So He extends the time by making the days longer for us. :)
My companion, Sister West is so awesome! I was worried it would be so hard to have someone with me ALL the time, but Sister West has become like my best friend. We have so much fun together! She's from Alaska and every time we walk outside she's like "It's so green here! And the flowers are so bright! And the sky is so blue!" Every time we're inside, she just gravitates to the window. We're laughing together all the time. We both love singing and music, and - my mission prep friends will love this - we've been called as the music coordinators in our branch! Which basically means we pick the hymns we sing in church. :)
If I were to sum up all my lessons from the MTC it would probably go something like this:
Teachers: The most important part of missionary work is seeing others as God sees them, and loving them like God loves them. So, what is the most important part of missionary work?
Us: Teaching the gospel! Yaaaay!
Teachers: Actually, it's seeing others as God sees them, and loving them like God loves them. So you're going to teach an investigator for th first time. What's the most important thing to remember?
Us: All the scriptures in all the lessons! Yaaaay!
Teachers: Actually, it's seeing him as God sees him, and loving him like God loves him. So when you're out street contacting, what should you do?
Us: Give a Book of Mormon to everyone! Yaaaay!
Teachers: Actually, you should be seeing others as God sees them, and loving them like God loves them.
Basically, the most important part of missionary work is seeing others as God sees them, and loving them like God loves them. I'm really having to humble myself because I came here with this preconceived idea of what I would be like as a missionary. I've been attending mission prep for over two years, and I thought I would be ready. But I've had to tear down my own pride and start opening my mind and heart to what my teachers and my companion are teaching me. Most importantly, I need to listen to what the Spirit is trying to teach me. When I do that, then I will become the missionary - and the person - God wants me to be.
So, I'll end with a funny story. Sister West and I had waaay too much fun in the cafeteria today. I don't know how we did this, but we managed to lap around all the food at least three times and every time, we saw something small that we really wanted to devour.. But it was all wimpy stuff - salad, smoothies, cottage cheese, muffins, drinks. SO we had to go around a fourth time and get some real food so we would make it to dinner without starving and so by the time we sat down we had a ton of food. Like, we took up extra space at the tables. And Denise knows this: I CANNOT leave food on my plate. So I ate all of it. So right now, I'm pretty stuffed ha ha. Shouldn't have eaten the tiny muffin. :) Probably not that funny to you, but Sister West and I were cracking up over it. It was just so ridiculous!
Anyway... I love you all! And I love the MTC! It is great! The gospel is true, and Jesus Christ loves you. I still have several weeks... ahem, days, here at the MTC and I hope to hear from you by next Friday! Especially since I forgot to get anyone's email address.. so if you want emails from me, email me first! Two-liners are acceptable. :)
Be of good cheer, my friends and family. Life is wonderful.
All my love,
Sister Ball

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