Monday, May 26, 2014

Collecting Coins

I had a lot of expectations when I came out here. One of the things I expected was to have six and a half days of hard work, all day every day. What I did NOT expect was to have so much fun doing hard work!

Take yesterday, for example. Here we are, sitting in Relief Society during opening exercises. Sister Ball was sitting next to me, talking to one of our members and quite out of the blue, she shrieked and started laughing hysterically. Everyone turned to look at us! It just struck me as so funny that I started laughing, and of course, because it was embarrassing and inappropriate, I laughed harder. We were both sternly reproved. ;) We both had to stifle our continued giggles all through the hymn and prayer. (It wasn't until much later that I learned that the reason for my companions sudden lapse in sanity was due to the fact that the member she was talking to was carrying around her pet snake in her purse!)

Then, later, we got to pet a chameleon. It got really angry at us and turned all spotty ha ha.

The other night, our district leader called us and one of the other sisters who lives in our apartment with us answered the phone and talked with him for a whole five minutes before telling him that it wasn't actually one of the Ball sisters... We cracked up over that.

And then, of course, there are the myriad of awkward moments that we encounter on the streets while we talk to random strangers. I've developed the habit of changing the hymn lyrics to more missionary-accurate words: "Embrace the awkward moments!" or "Awkward, ever awkward!" Just cause.

My point is that even though the work is hard and never-ending, the Savior's commandment is still the same: "Be of good cheer, and bear testimony of me, that I was, that I am and that I am to come" (D&C 68:6) (And yes, I was just paraphrasing.)

I love living, love loving and I love working. :)

Anyway, my favorite scripture story of the week seems to be the parable of the lost coins, found in Luke 15. In this parable, a woman loses two coins and she searches all over her house until she finds them. And when she finally finds them, she rejoices. 

Unlike the parable of the lost sheep, the coins didn't wander. They were just lost, through carelessness or or something, and they cannot find their way back on their own. That's why I'm out here on my mission: To collect coins, to find people who are lost, even though they might not even realize that they are lost. It makes me look at street contacting in a new light. <3

It occurs to me that the Lord values every soul, far more even than we value our coins. We may think we are worth only a penny, but to our Heavenly Father, we are priceless. I promise you, you are loved! God is far more than the creator of the earth and heavens, He is the creator of your souls. He loves you like a parent loves His child, and He knows you intimately well. He rejoices when you are happy, and he is sad when you are hurting.

Sometimes we're given things that are way more than we can handle, but it is always for our benefit and growth. You are loved all through it, and never left to walk alone. 

And guess what? I love you too! :)

Talk to you all next week!

P.S. I got burnt this last week. Plus, now I'm tan. What is this???? Ha ha ha ha ha.

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