Monday, May 5, 2014

Sunscreen and Saltine Crackers

Things That Will Happen to You on the First Week in the Field (if you happen to be me)

1) On the day you are supposed to fly to Arizona, you will accidentally set the alarm for 3:30 PM instead of 3:30 AM. You will waken at 4:15 AM - fifteen minutes before the bus leaves for the airport. Chaos will ensue, and consequently you will forget to brush your teeth. But, you will make it to the bus on time and you will look fabulous. :)

2) You will get the most awesome first companion ever! And her name will be.... waaait for it.... SISTER BALL!! As your mission president will put it, "Sometimes revelation leaves a lot of room for humor." Together, you and your trainer will go by The Ball Sisters. Or Ball Squared. Or Ball the Elder and Ball the Younger.

3) In your very first lesson ever, you will invite your investigator to be baptized. And he will say yes. 

4) You will get carsick. A lot. And you will start living off saltine crackers while you're in the car. Because saltine crackers make you not-sick. :) In the meantime, the people in charge at the office will be working frantically to get you authorized to drive because nobody wants you throwing up in the mission cars again. xD

5) The temperature will reach 100 degrees. But to you, it will feel no warmer than 75 degrees. Why? Because the Lord can work miracles, that's why. :)

6) You will somehow avoid sunburns of any kind. Why? See above answer.

In short, folks, your first week will be awesome. Your companion will be awesome. Your life will be awesome. :)

Be happy my friends! This life was meant to be happy. That's why we have the gospel of Jesus Christ - to give us hope, peace and joy. I love you all!

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