Monday, June 2, 2014

Delighting in Fatness

So I ran across this phrase in scripture the other day that made me crack up. In 2 Nephi 9:51, it says "Let your soul delight in fatness"!

It sounds funny, but really, the scriptures here are talking about spiritually feasting, and that's what I feel like I've been doing out here. Every day, from 8:00 to 9:00 I get to do some personal study, which is like my own personal bonding time with the Spirit. I'm taught so much during that precious time. I love it. I love to learn. an hour is never enough. :)

Please, allow me to share some of the delicacies I've feasted upon this week:

Mosiah 18:19-21 
These verses describe my calling as a missionary, and how I should be working with my companion. <3

D&C 136:32-33 
Did you know that humility is essential to learning? :o

Alma 58:10-11
We can pray for strength to support our families and friends, in any way, and God will give is that strength and bless us with hope.

Also, did you know that whenever the scriptures talk about happiness, gratitude is also mentioned? Happiness and gratitude are closely linked! I invite you to look it up. ;)

Also, in a similar way, "love" and "virtue" are also spoken of together in the scriptures. It makes sense, because I know that when my thoughts are clean and whole, then my ability to love others is increased. :)

In short, I just love the scriptures, and I love the works of the living prophets. I studied President Uchtdorf's talk from this last general conference this morning, and it has changed the way I look at gratitude in general. (and remember, gratitude is connected to happiness! Look up that talk, it is amazing!)

I love mission life. I didn't hit the ground running like I hoped I would (in fact, I kind of fell on my face a little) but I've certainly felt the Lord pick me up and dust me off. Now, He's teaching me to walk - little baby steps of progression, because I have to master walking before I can start running. <3

But one of our investigators is getting baptized! She's fourteen years old and has such amazing faith. As we've taught her, I've been amazed by how well she grasps the concepts in the gospel and I am so proud of her. I love her family too. They all love each other very much, and I admire their patience and faith. They are supportive and happy for her, even if they haven't chosen to be baptized as well. I just love that family so much. :)

Also, we're teaching a man named Chris and he is hilarious! We've been teaching him about prayer and the blessings that come from it for so long, but he just never really wanted to pray for himself. 

Well the other day, Sister Ball and I ran into him outside while he was smoking his cigarette. We talked to him for a while and asked if he'd prayed yet. He said he had! I was super excited. So we asked him how it went and he gave us a scowl and said "It was weird."

We asked why and he said "Because... I felt happy. Like I actually wanted to be alive or something!"

His reaction to it was so funny, and we laughed, but then told him that that was the Holy Ghost! Because the Holy Ghost gives feeling of peace, love and joy! He just kind of harrumphed over that, but promised he would keep praying. I have high hopes for his continued happiness. ;)

So, time to tell you of my funny moments. One, I shot my zone leader in the stomach with an arrow. 


But don't worry, it was a safe, padded arrow. ;) We were playing archery tag on P-day! SO. MUCH. FUN. I loved it! And I was surprisingly good at it! But Sister Ball the Elder is a cheater and, instead of shooting me with an arrow just chased me around with it and tapped me on the shoulder. She's a stinker ha ha. :)

So I'm really bad about losing my pencils. I came out here with four pencils. By last week, I'd lost every single one of them. So Sister Ball lent me an extra pencil. I lost that one too. NO MORE PENCILS.
But yesterday, we were leaving church and I was kicking pebbles across the pavement when I saw a pencil. And I was like "hey... that looks like my pencil. WAIT. That IS my pencil!" 
And sure enough, it was my green pencil, just chilling in the church parking lot! Well, chilling probably isn't the appropriate word... it was melted. Yes, melted. Welcome to Arizona folks, where the sun meets the black pavement and creates a roasting ground for poor lost green pencils. But guess what? It still works! :D So now I have a total of one pencil, but it is my lucky pencil and will stay with me forever. I hope. :)

Life is grand. Sometimes I choke on my water. Sometimes I choke on my words. Sometimes I just have to laugh for the sake of laughter. But life is grand. I love it. :) And I love you!

Till next week!

Love, Sister Ball

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