Monday, June 9, 2014

The Day I Ran the Area

So this week, we went on exchanges again. But this time I stayed in my area (by the way, have I ever mentioned that my area is actually in Mesa? Yeah, I'm serving in Mesa right now. It's the only tiny section of Mesa that is actually in the Gilbert Mission! Funny right? Anyway...) and the STL (Sister Training Leader) came out with me. Do you know what this means? It means that I ran the area! I was in charge! No longer could I count on my older and wiser companion to know what was best to say and do and where to go... it was all on me.
I was absolutely terrified.
I didn't sleep. I woke up at 5 AM and fretted about our plans for the day. We had a lesson with Chris, and lessons with Chris always go out of control. He just likes to talk a lot, and he has a lot of questions, and concerns, and I never know what to say or do. So that was worrisome. Plus we were going to be contacting people in a part of the neighborhood that I didn't know very well. So that was worrisome. So that was worrisome. And we had to go out and OYM for an hour, so that was worrisome. (Let's just assume that OYMing is always worrisome ha ha) And all this weighed on me until the alarm went off at 6:30 when I got up and prayed and realized... hey. This is not on me. This is not on me. The Spirit will show me where to go, what to do, and what to say. I'm not in this alone. :)
It was a crazy day though, to be sure. But I learned so much.
1. I learned that I can do this.
Actually, that pretty much sums that day up. Yup.

The best part is that my mission president came to my lesson with Chris. Yeah, I didn't even know that President Nattress even comes to lessons with missionaries sometimes! But apparently he does! And of course he came on my first day running the area to a lesson with my most difficult investigator...

But you know, I'm glad it happened that way. President Nattress showed such faith in me and my abilities. He reminded me that I when I was set apart, I was given power and authority to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. So in that lesson, I testified and I felt the Spirit. Chris accepted the invitation to be baptized. His faith is growing, and that's all that matters.
So now, I remember the other lessons I learned that day:
2. I learned that President Nattress trusts me.
3. I learned that Heavenly Father trusts me.
4. I learned that the Spirit testifies when I testify.
Okay, yes, that pretty much sums that day up. Ha ha.
The rest of the week was good too... My companion has been kinda sick. Funny/sad/miracle story: One day she was really sick, but didn't want to stay in all day so she got ready to go out anyway! I tried and tried to convince her to stay home and rest, just for the one day, (I was worried she was working herself to death) but she refused. So I prayed that she would change her mind. My prayers were answered! But not in the way I expected. I got sick! Sick enough that I had to stay in! -.-
Funny way to get your prayers answered... But she stayed in, and by that night I was miraculously feeling better! :) The next day some elders gave her a blessing, and she's doing fine now. :)
In other news, I've been here for almost a whole transfer now! Six weeks, can you believe it? We got transfer calls this morning and Sister Ball and I are both staying together, in our area. Yay!!! :D 
But we're moving to different apartments, closer to our area. (We live thirty minutes away from where we serve, so this is a good thing. :) Change is intimidating and weird, but I'm okay with everything because I'm learning that everything is okay. Heavenly Father trusts me with this mission, so I'm just trying my best to live worthy of His trust. <3
Love, your favorite and maybe your craziest sister missionary,
Sister Ball

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