Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Guardrails, Not Fences

As a missionary, you continually hear about the blessings that come from obedience. They tell you to be exactly obedient all the time. I never questioned it, but this week I think I've gained a testimony of that to a greater degree.

Every morning, every missionary in the Gilbert Mission recites our purpose as missionaries, D&C 4,  How to Begin Teaching points and a few other things. I got tired of it fast ha ha, once I memorized everything. I didn't see the point. I thought it was a waste of valuable time. But I did it anyway, without really knowing why. >.<

Well I had a really bad night one night. In the morning, I didn't want to get up and I didn't want to get ready and I most certainly did NOT want to recite our daily mantra ha ha. But I did. And the craziest thing happened. As we recited D&C 4, I felt power and energy pour back into my bones. I felt life back back into me. I was able to work that day. 

So I've reflected on that a lot these past few days. And I've decided that the rules we're given as missionary are guardrails, not fences. It's more than Heavenly Father blessing us because we are obedient - the obedience itself acts as a blessing. We're cut off from everything worldly - TV, music, lazy days - so that we can come closer to the Savior. We only write home once a week so our whole soul can be poured into the work we have here. We work all day, every day, so that we can learn to be selfless.

Why do we recite things every morning? Well, I'm still not entirely sure to be honest. But I do it anyway. :) And I trust that it blesses me in ways that I don't fully understand.

Truthfully, I think all of God's commandments are that way. They're given to direct us, to help us be happy. Not to restrict us, but to free us. :) And you can't learn that without actually being obedient. That testimony doesn't come from study, but from action. <3

Anyway. So the 4th of July was great! We didn't get to watch fireworks as missionaries, but that's okay. Arizona gave us our own firework show the next day: Thunderstorms! I've seen some pretty cool thunderstorms, but Arizona storms are something else entirely. LIGHTNING. EVERY FEW SECONDS. The sky was lighting up left and right in a crackling display of dazzling electrical power! I was in awe. 

And... it didn't rain. >.< no monsoons YET. But I hope soon. :) Pray for Arizona rain, folks! :D

Oh, another thing I learned this week: Apparently, if you leave the keys inside the mission car, the car automatically locks. (something about protecting it from being stolen, I assume) Which is all fine and dandy. Except then you have to call the car coordinator and explain that you locked the keys in the car. And then you have to walk to your next appointment. 

But I learned how kind our car coordinator, Elder Greenhalgh, really is! He didn't chastise me for my mistake, he simply came as soon as he could, gave us a ride back to our car, cheerfully asked how our work was going, unlocked our car, and sent us on our way! I was so happy. :) We have some awesome senior missionaries in our mission. I love them.

We started teaching a new investigator this week. He is married to a sister in the ward, someone who I've grown to love a great deal over the past few weeks. So I feel a great responsibility in teaching him, because of the trust she has in us as missionaries, and the love she has for him. 

I guess everyone we teach is a sacred trust, though. Everyone is loved and cherished by our Heavenly Father, and He wants us to try our hardest to teach them by the Spirit so that they can receive exaltation. It was very humbling for me to realize. :)

Anyway. Life is grand and wonderful. As always. :) Have a great week, and remember that God loves you! And every day, He sends you tender mercies. :)

Love, Sister Ball

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