Monday, July 28, 2014

Temple View! :D

Hi! Hey! Have you people been praying for me? Thank you SO MUCH. I feel them. I feel your prayers, uplifting, buoying me up. And this week has been the BEST ever. So thank you. Thank you. :)
Guess what? I am now serving in the Temple View zone. Which is in the part of Gilbert where the temple is. We have our weekly meetings at the church building next to the temple. I can see the temple as we're proselyting. Heck, I LIVE DOWN THE STREET FROM THE TEMPLE. Is this not the best place ever? :D
And as if that wasn't good enough, this area is bursting with work! We have several investigators, most of them young boys, and then there's two recent converts who are on fire with the gospel. One recent convert, Gus, leaned over to my companion in church yesterday and says "Psst... you need new investigators." And she was like "Are you going to help us with that?" To which he replies "Yes I am!"
Cue floodgates of teaching opportunities. ;) He is so cool. And Victoria is as well. She says she cannot wait for her first year to be up so that she can go to the temple. :)
And is if THAT wasn't good enough, I love my companion. I adore her with every bit of my soul. Her name is Sister Taylor. She's from Nebraska. She rides horses. She wants to go to Russia. But mostly, I just love her. :) And I learn so much from her. She's a Sister Training Leader, so she goes on exchanges frequently with other sisters - thus giving me an opportunity to go on exchanges with other sisters and learn from them too! This is going to be an amazing transfer. :)
One of my goals this transfer is to develop a habit of service. In the priesthood session of last conference, President Eyring describes three traits he admires most in his heros: "One is a pattern of prayer, the second is a habit of service, and the third is a rock-hard decision to behonest."
My goal for this transfer is to develop a habit of service. With every person that I meet, I am going to ask myself "How can I help this person's life be better?" I've been doing that for the past couple of days and I tell you, I am one happy missionary. :) Service truly blesses me, if no one else.
I am so happy to be out here, so happy to be with Sister Taylor, so happy to be serving others. Have I mentioned that I am happy? Well... I am. :) Life is beautiful and wonderful. I know that to be true. And I love you people. Thank you. For your prayers. And letters. And everything. :)
With wholehearted love,
Sister Ball

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