Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sometimes My Companion...

Sometimes my companion makes me laugh. Sometimes I find her to be my favorite person in the world. Sometimes she tries to catch baby geckos... and their tails pop off! :O Woah. Didn't see that coming. Sometimes my companion laughs at me when I dance on my bike. Sometimes my companion go over to the other sister's house for a sleepover, and we sleep on the floor. We sleep surprisingly soundly. :) Sometimes my companion goes away for a leadership meeting for a WHOLE DAY and I miss her so bad! And so I glomptackleattack her when she returns. :) Sometimes my companion inspires me. Sometimes, my companion is just my best friend. Suffice it to say, I love Sister Taylor! :D

Anyway. Allow me to tell you of my adventures.

A while back, we went over to a members house for dinner. (This happens often, by the way.) And they brought over some nonmember friends who they had given a Book of Mormon to. Which we did not expect, but that is okay. Unexpected teaching opportunities? We will take those. :) But as it turns out, his friends, Florencio and Betty spoke hardly any English and of course, I do not speak Spanish. (I tried once. It comes out Russian.) Sister Taylor knows how to say the Book of Mormon is true, and that is it.

So it was a very disjointed conversation at dinner, with our member acting as translator the whole time. But we learned that they'd been reading the BOM and they knew it was true, and that they had been waiting for missionaries to come to their door for 6 months! So they had jumped at the opportunity to come to dinner with us. We bore our testimonies and there was no translation required at this point. He gave us his address down in Pheonix and we sent the missionaries over the next day. Our member called us the other day and told us that they are getting baptized now. :) Happy happy day!

So let's see... Our recent convert, Gus, has found a nice LDS lady and they are now getting married and have plans to live happily ever after. We are invited to the wedding. We are happy for him. But we never talk to him anymore, because he is so head-over-heels in love and spends all his time with her. But really, we are happy for them both. Even if we do miss him, ha ha. :)

Another recent convert has moved into our ward and her name is Arianna. I love her. So much. She is so funny and stuff. :) We're going to be teaching her the new member lessons, so we're going to be spending time with her over the next few weeks. This makes me happy. 

We're still teaching Kevin and Sabrina, the family from China. Kevin plans on being baptized, and his mom really wants him to serve a mission ha ha. They're good people. And they fed us a moon pie. Do you know what a moon pie is? It's lotus bean curd and salted egg yolk. It was honestly the strangest thing I have ever eaten in my life. Not gross, mind you. But very strange. But hey, people are always asking me what the strangest thing I've ever eaten is. I'm always like "Nothing. I'm serving in ARIZONA. It's all normal food here." Ha ha ha. But now I have a good story to tell people. :)

Oh and guess what? It was only 99 degrees here on Saturday. It was so nice and cool. And then I was laughing at myself because there was a day when 99 degrees was unbearable. Times have changed my friends. :) But really... Weather has been nice. Which is good because we've been doing a lot of service lately. We work with the elders at this one ladys house almost every Saturday, and we love it. She has a farm with horses and stuff and every time we're there I just want to own a farm. :) This week, we were digging up old dead plants. And there was this huge cactus that she wanted removed. Do you know how to remove a prickly spiney cactus that is intent on staying where it is? Yeah, me either. We never did figure it out. :)

Anyway... I hope all is well for you lovely people. Thank you for your letters and emails. They mean the world to me. It's so strange to think that Utah State is starting up again. Life is moving forward without me. O.o But it's okay. I love being a missionary. I can't think of anything else I'd rather be doing right now. 

Have a great week! 

Love, Sister Ball

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