Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Temple Visit

So we got to go to the temple a couple of weeks ago! It made my life better. :)  

A little bit about my zone: There is Sister Taylor and I (of course) and Sister Bleak and Sister Carroll. Those sisters have a car, so they give Sister Taylor and I rides when we go to district meeting or other various things. We LOVE Sister Carroll and Bleak. They have been companions for 7 1/2 months now - Can you imagine being with someone 24/7 for that long? But they are best of friends and SO FUNNY. They do this handshake that is super cool. I love them. :)

Elder McStraw and Elder Carroll are our zone leaders. Our zone is a like a family, and Elder McStraw and Carroll are like the parents. They are fantastic at letting each one of us know that we are cared about and valued. Our zone likes to get up early and get together to play soccer a couple of times a week. (The hour between 6-7 AM is free game for recreational activities. Mission life. Love it. ;) Elder Carroll always picks me for his team, even though I really can't play. But he doesn't even act condescending, he acts like he really believes I am a valuable member of the team. I like that about him. Elder McStraw is a goofball. But he's like the glue that holds this zone together somehow. :) We love Elder McStraw.

Elder McBride and Elder Whitecar (pronounced wit-eh-ker) are our district leaders. They give us a call every night to make sure we made it home safe and ask how our day was. They're a fun pair, and we ask a question of a day to them. Things like "Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?" or "Which Hogwarts house would you be in?" or even "What are you going to name your first child?"

Yeah. That happens. :)

Elder Legrande is from France, in the country, next to the border of Spain. He didn't speak English before he came, but he speaks remarkably well after only 6 months. :) He is our best soccer player. He's also someone who will pass me the ball, even if I can't play ha ha. I like him, he's fun. His companion is Elder Ramone, who is the best goalie ever. Elder Ramone is from Micronesia, and he was once telling us about how he used to climb coconut trees and play in the coral reefs. Like, as a normal everyday occurrence. And I was like O.O at that fact.

Elder Merrill usually provides music when we have our weekly planning meeting. His companion, Elder Hansen is waiting for his visa to Africa. They're a quiet pair, usually. Elder Foxx is from Arizona, serving in Arizona. :) He was in my MTC district, actually, so I know him pretty decently well. And Elder Furse is MISSING from the picture, but he's cool. He likes to hunt and stuff. And last week he made peach cobbler for the whole zone. It was good.

There. Cliffnotes version of my zone. I love them to death. :)

P.S. I found Elder Furse. He's right in the front, hiding in plain sight. Ha ha ha ha :)

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