Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Exchange Week!

First off, let me tell you that transfer calls were supposed to come last night, telling us whether we stay or go. They have not actually come yet. They are expected any minute, so you may get a play-by-play of my reaction. :)

So, this week was pretty crazy. Sister Taylor is a Sister Training Leader (I'm not sure if I mentioned that before) and as part of her leadership responsibilities, she goes on exchanges with the sisters under her stewardship. Which means a lot of exchanges for me. :) Thing is, this transfer all the exchanges kept getting cancelled, until suddenly it was the last week of the transfer! And we HAD to fit them in!

As a result, we went on a grand total of 4 exchanges this week ha ha ha. One with Sister Russell, one with Sister Hassard (she speaks Russian. That makes my heart happy.) one with Sister Bleak and one with Sister Bennet. Sister Bennet is in charge of all the music in the mission, so I've somehow been roped into singing at this upcoming transfer meeting. Yikes! But all will be well. No, it's not a solo. :) But anyway, the only full day Sister Taylor and I had together was yesterday. It's been wild, but I've come out relatively unscathed. :) We were SO HAPPY to have companionship study together this morning. The thing about separation is that it makes a reunion so much sweeter. :) But in the midst of all these exchanges there comes some good stories, which I will now relate to you:

One time, Sister Taylor and I were about to go knock on a less-active's door, when Sister Taylor spied a gecko. Please note: Sister Taylor loves geckos, and is obsessed with catching them. The result was a ten-minute chase around this guys yard by the light of the streetlamp, because it was dark. Sister Taylor finally caught the gecko! And then said in a very satisfied voice "Okay, now let's go." And then she proceeded to go to knock on the door. WITH THE GECKO STILL IN HER HAND. I could barely contain my slightly freaking-out laughter. Guess what? He answered the door! And for a moment, it looked like he was actually going to let us in! But then he didn't. Phew. We would have had to throw the gecko over her shoulder or something. 
(Side note: we aren't very often relieved that someone doesn't let us in. But there are exceptions. Like when you're holding a gecko.)
Anyway, we left the doorstep to go take a picture with the gecko. And as soon as Sister Taylor opened her hand, he jumped away to freedom. :( All in all, the adventure was very amusing.

Also, another amusing adventure. But first, I have to explain about dust devils: Dust devils are a common occurrence in Arizona, and they look like mini tornadoes. 
That being said, a couple of weeks ago Sister Taylor and I were biking and I saw this itty bitty dust devil, and I got really excited and hopped off my bike and went and stood in the middle of it. Yes. I stood in the middle of a dust devil. And I was ridiculously excited about it. :)
So the other day, while I was with Sister Bennet we were happily biking down the main road and I saw another dust devil. This one was significantly larger, but I got really excited again and I was like "Let's bike through that! Yeeah!"
This was not my wisest moment. The dust devil hit me like a ton of bricks and my skirt flew over my head. Yes, this was on the main road. Slightly embarrassing. I was a bit disoriented afterward. My conclusion is that you should not ride through mini tornadoes. :) But it was fun!

In other news, we met these people named Sherri and Leo. And I am praying that they become our new investigators. They are downright pleasant, and I am most intrigued because Leo seems so familiar with missionary rules - maybe he's talked with missionaries in the past? Or they're one of those sneaky less-actives who never show up on the records? I'm not really sure. But we have an appointment with them tomorrow, and I am excited. :)

Also, we're teaching Gus's son Mikey. He is a good kid, and wants to be baptized. The only thing holding him back is his mom won't give him permission. So the other day, we were over there and he was like "So... if my mom were to give me permission on Monday, how soon could I be baptized?" And we just kind of stared at him dumbfoundedly. And we asked what made him think she was going to say yes and he just shrugged and explained that he'd been praying that she would. And so that kid has a lot of faith is what I'm saying here. And we're also praying with a lot of energy that she will say yes. Mikey is an amazing kid. We love him. :)

Oh, another random story: Last night, I somehow misplaced my planners. This is slightly distressing, because a missionary doesn't know where to go when she doesn't have her planners. (She also doesn't know where to do when she doesn't have the Spirit... just had to throw that one in there. ;) But we had no idea where they'd gone. Later that night, we got a text from Sister Carroll and Bleak: "We found your planners in the road. They are run over by cars." I got them back this morning and sure enough... they are very, very flat. :) Also, I have tire marks on some of the pages. I am keeping these planners forever. They make a great story. :) But really... what are the chances that the other sisters would happen to bike by the very spot where I'd lost my planners? Those things contain sensitive information, you know. The Lord's hand was clearly in that one!

Plus, Sister Taylor and I biked around in a park full of running sprinklers last night. That was a good moment. :)

Alas, transfer calls have still not yet come! I still do not know my fate? Do I stay here in Temple View, with the companion I love so much? Or does she leave me to run the area with a new friend? Or, do I head off to new adventures in a new place? I have no idea. Only time will tell. The future remains one big question mark. Thankfully, I know the Lord is in charge of all these potential changes - you can only get so worried when He has a hand in things. ;)

I love you people! Have a great week! :D

Love, Sister Ball

About ten minutes later...

Transfer News!

It came before I had to get off the computer! The verdict is in! Sister Taylor and I are staying together in the fabulous Temple View zone! :D

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