Monday, September 22, 2014

You Know You're A Missionary When...

Hello my friends. :) This has been an interesting week.

First, let me tell you that this is the first time since I left 5 months ago that I have not actually missed home. I had kind of become accustomed to the constant ache for my family and the mountains - this week, I felt off because that homesickness was gone. It felt weird ha ha. :) I expect I will still probably experience that homesickness from time to time. I haven't stopped missing you, but it's like I've finally reached the acceptance stage. Took me long enough ha ha.

But that wasn't the weirdest thing! So we went to this seminary barbecue on friday night, where we served roundabout 500 hamburgers and hot dogs to people - member and non-member alike - before the high school's big football game. There was real life music playing, with songs that I knew from pre-mission life and President Nattress even gave us permission to watch fifteen minutes of the game! (Side note: Somehow, I have come to love watching sports on my mission. I do not know how this came to be, because we never DO watch sports, but I just love it now.) There was talking and laughing and hanging out and mingling. And music. Did I mention the music part? Ha ha. It felt like a normal kind of night, the kind that I had before the mission. Where I would just hang out. For fun. And listen to music. And dance. 

Anyway, this whole barbecue thing was awesome. I told Sister Taylor, "It's not every day that hordes of people come lining up to talk to us!" They were coming for the hot dogs, but we ignore that part... they had to have at least 30 seconds of interaction with us when they got their food. ;)

And then, the next night, we went to a fair. :] More real world experiences. It was Constitution Week here in Gilbert, and the fair was patriotic and history-themed. We set up a booth about Captain Moroni, and told the story of how he fought for his freedom. Most of the people who came and talked to us were members. That's the funny thing about serving in Gilbert. You get treated like celebrities, and half the people you meet are members. xD But, we did get to talk to a grand total of 4 non-members. And we told them the story, and they were intrigued. I figure it was a night well spent just for that.

So I had this weekend where I spent a lot of time in the real world, with music and stuff. And the crazy part is that it felt WEIRD to me. Normal life is weird! I AM A REAL MISSIONARY NOW. I saw people holding hands and I was like "...why do people do that?" Oh, I am going to be so awkward when I get home. :) 

Then there was Sunday, full of good missionary things so now I feel okay again ha ha. :) Actually, Sabrina, our chinese investigator came to church! Yay! :) And we met afterward with her and her son, Kevin, and Kevin accepted the invitation to be baptized. On October 18th. Double yay! :D

I am more excited to see him get baptized than I have been for anyone else thus far. Mostly just because it will be the most life-changing for him. And I sincerely hope that Sabrina will one day be baptized as well.

Cool story: She told us that she was about to submit her homework assignment this week, when her computer suddenly crashed. An hour before the deadline. She panicked and called the technicians and her husband and anyone who could help, but they told her it needed to be brought in and looked at, but she didn't have the time. So she said "I did what you guys told me to do - I prayed! And then I read that book you gave to me, because you said that it could help me in everyday life. So I flipped it open and started reading. And it was all about killing people! So I tried again, and found more stuff about killing people! And I didn't see how that could apply to fixing a computer, so I tried praying again. And then my computer just turned back on!"
So there you have it folks: The war chapters in the Book of Mormon can help you fix your computer. :] Actually, I was amazed by the miracle she saw. It was amazing! Especially because of her simple faith - not many people think to read the scriptures when a crisis like that hits. Amazing. I love Sabrina and Kevin. :)

Oh, funny story:

Every week, Sister Taylor and I make a "fun goal" for the week. This week, our goal was to play one little prank on each other. So far the score is 
Sister Taylor: 3
Sister Ball: 0
First, she laid under my bed and when I walked by, she grabbed my leg. Then one night she made it feel like something was crawling up my leg when I was praying. And this morning, she yelled  "spider!" and threw something at me. 


I love life and living. And plus, I love being a missionary. :) 

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Thank you for your prayers! They lift me up! :)

Love, Sister Ball

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