Monday, October 13, 2014

Mini Missionaries!

So we got a phone call from the Assistants to the President on Wednesday night. The conversation went something like this:

"Hello, this is Sister Ball."

"Hello Sister Ball, this is Elder Christensen. How are you?"

"Good! How about you?"

"We are doing good. President asked us to call you with a huge favor. Are you ready for this?"

"Um... maybe?"

"Ha ha. Would you and Sister Taylor like to take two mini missionaries over the weekend?"

"GAH! WE'RE GETTING MINI MISSIONARIES!" (This last bit was shouted at Sister Taylor. I may or may not have dropped the phone in my excitement.)

So. For those of you who don't know what a mini missionary is, allow me to explain. They are 16-18 year old young men and women who come and shadow a missionary companionship for a few days. Basically, we have a couple of extra companions. :) Anyway, it's a real honor because you basically give them a taste of mission life before they go on actual missions. They may decide to go on a mission or not depending on their experience with you. No pressure or anything.

So we go and pick them up the next day. Their names were Sister Newcomb and Sister Pyles.  Funny thing: We had them on Friday. Do you know what happens on Friday? Planning. Planning happens on Fridays. We have this big weekly planning session where we set goals and make plans for the whole next week. It takes three hours. And our mini missionaries could do nothing to help us whilst we did this.

The entire planning session my internal monologue went something like this: "They hate me. They hate me. They're not having a good time. They're not having a good experience. They hate me, they hate this mini mission. They're going to go home and tell their parents that missions are the worst thing ever. They're not going to want to serve missions now. They're probably losing their testimonies as we speak. They're probably going to leave the church over this. -.- GAH!! I AM A FAILURE!"

They didn't really hate me. ;) ...I don't think... it was pretty boring though. But after the weekly planning was over, things went uphill. :) Because there were four of us, we split up and each took half of our area. We got so much done this weekend. O.o

A summary: We saw about twenty shirtless men while tracting. Zombie children answered doors. I got licked while we were trying to teach the restoration. On the arm. I sort of accidentally made up a ward activity to invite a non-member to. Oops. Now I need to tell the bishop to make that ward activity happen! O.o We got stood up on all our appointments. We got into a big bike crash in which missionaries and minis went flying. (Well, they did... I just watched and laughed really hard. It was funny. :]) So on and so forth.

But in the midst of all this, we picked up about 4 new people to teach. Three of those are less-actives, one is a non-member we met months ago that we haven't been able to meet with since. Her name is Elysa and she is basically awesome. We met her a couple months ago, not long after I got into the area and she invited us back. We hadn't been able to catch her home - until I brought Sister Newcomb with me! Mini power, yay! :D

All in all, it was an adventure. And I think they had a good experience. It's crazy how much I learned from it. Mostly, I just came to love them. They were both so different. Sister Newcomb is very bright and classy. She wants to study Neuroscience. She has an incredible testimony. She took her mini-mission seriously. She kept us on the straight and narrow. :) Sister Pyles was nervous at first, because she doesn't like talking in front of others. This was a leap of faith for her to come. But she is very fun-loving. She likes to talk to people and make friends. She's going to cosmetology school but is a rebel and doesn't like to dress up. She makes me laugh. They were both friends, so they laughed and joked together.

I just love them. I felt like they were my ducklings. :) Sometimes we would all bike together, and it was like we had a little biking posse. It's not every day you see four bikers riding in a row down the street. ;) I miss them now that they are gone. After we took them home Sundaynight, we came home and saw their empty beds and I just threw myself on them and whined about them being gone.

But it was nice, at the same time. You know how Sister Taylor and I go on a lot of exchanges and it's really stressful? Well, having minis was twice as stressful. And four times as long. It was worth it... but it was nice for things to go back to normal. Kind of like it always feels good to come home after a vacation. :)

And then transfer calls came. And Sister Taylor is leaving.

I'm actually really distressed about it. Sister Taylor has taught me how to be a better missionary, a better person, a better friend. More than that, she's become my best friend. We both knew she was going, but part of us still hoped we could get six more weeks together. But sometimes, Heavenly Father has other things in mind. He actually told me earlier this week, that I needed a new companion in order to prepare me for later blessings. What that means, I do not know.

I'm scared for the upcoming change, I can't lie. But things will be okay. They always are. :)

I love you! Thank you for your continued love and prayers. I miss you a lot. :)

Love, Sister Ball

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  1. I just got the link for your blog and I'm so excited! You are having some great experiences! We're very proud of you! You are always in our prayers. Keep learning growing and spreading the word! Hugs and love! ~"Mom"