Monday, October 20, 2014

Project: Takeover

So, before I tell you all about my new adventures I have to include an excerpt from Sister Taylor's email home a couple of weeks ago. I kept meaning to and forgetting. So here you go:

After dinner on Saturday night we had to go the bathroom, so we decided to go to the church. General Priesthood Meeting was going on so we went to the bathrooms by the back doors. I went in first as Sister Ball stayed in the hallway to fill up her water bottle. We had Mexican for dinner so this trip to the bathroom was extremely necessary. I don't go into the stall right away because I am looking in the mirror admiring my beautiful helmet hair. Ball comes in and I say "I hate when Mexican food makes you bloated." Then I try to go to the back stall which is the one that I usually use. It is locked but I cant see anyone inside. Dumb kids locking stall doors and running away. I go to the stall next to it and look under to see if anyone is in there. I see men black dress shoes.  There is a man in the girls bathroom. I thought about hiding in the stall till he leaves but what is that is his plan. We will end up in the bathroom for hours waiting for the other to leave. Ball is in the stall by this point, so every girl for herself. I decide not to hide in the stall but I cant stand in the bathroom what if he comes out and sees my face. I decide the only course of action is to leave the bathroom and hide in the classroom across the hall. This is what I do and yes I leave my companion in the bathroom with a man. 

As I am hiding across the hall I can hear Sister Ball talking away. I cant understand what she is saying but I know she is talking. At this point I am dying with laughter. Later I find out that she said "I hope you don't get married, so we can be roommates after the mission." She about said "I am so glad that we are comps that feel comfortable talking while in the bathroom together." I am glad she didn't. Ball is totally weird-ed out that I don't answer but she can hear noises in the bathroom, so the logical explanation for the silence is because I am possessed. (We had previously been talking about evil spirits the day before.) The man flushes the toilet, leaves and forgets to wash his hands. I come back into the bathroom after he is gone tears in my eyes because I am laughing so hard. That poor man was probably mortified. He went to have a calm poop but unfortunately went into the wrong bathroom. I would pay to know what this man's internal monologue was during this whole experience. 

I hope that just made your whole day. It was one of the funniest moments of my whole mission when I realized my companion left me alone in the bathroom with a man.

That is probably the last of the Sister-Taylor-and-Ball adventures you'll hear for a while. Why? Because she got TRANSFERRED. Yes, my best friend is gone. But the good news is that my new companion is super-awesome and we get along splendidly. :) Her name is Sister Melling. She's from Tennessee. And guess what else? This is her very last transfer. She goes home in six weeks! :O Now I get to witness what it's like for someone to prepare to go home. Weird. Also, with Sister Melling going home at the end of this transfer, I know for certain that I'm getting a new companion next transfer, and I'm most likely going to be staying here.

So with Sister Taylor gone, this now means that I am taking over the area. This is not going as smoothly as I would hope, ha ha. Mostly, I spend about 40% of my time hopelessly lost and 20% of time looking up addresses and maps. I didn't know this area quite as well as I thought I did. :) Arizona needs a grid system. I object to street names ha ha.

Also.... I kind of feel like I am solely responsible for everyone here now. Not that I am really alone. Sister Melling is very supportive and helpful. We work well together as a team. But once again - she leaves in six weeks. I will still be here. Four square miles full of people who are member and non-member alike - and they are ALL UNDER MY RESPONSIBILITY.

One of our members told us one day that we remind him of the pastors in old-timey shows, where the pastor knows everyone in town and is always checking up on them, caring about them and seeing how they're doing. He says we're very much a part of the community in that way. So yes, just call me a pastor now ha ha. xD

Anyway, Kevin pushed the date of his baptism back due to some complications, and it's caused me some stress. But I laid in bed for a long time after saying my prayers last night and I realized - "HEY. I am not alone. I am not solely responsible for my area. In fact, I'm not really running this area at all. This is ALL in God's hands. He is the one taking care of all these people. Not me."

That was a good moment for me. So now I'm going forward with a different approach. Call it a lot of prayer and trusting in God. :) I feel a lot less stressed.

In other news... Sister Melling and I learned to change a bike tire all by ourselves. :) Well, our zone leader told us how to, but we actually did it. Yay! I feel so independent and stuff! 

Also, here's a funny story: We parked our bikes inside the church one night and went to a meeting with our ward mission leader. We came out of said meeting and our bikes were gone. We had a slight panic moment. But then we found a sticky note where our bikes had been, and this sticky note led us on a scavenger hunt through the church to find our bikes. When we found them, we also had to find Sister Melling's helmet. And my bike seat. It was a very super funny prank. We suspect elders were behind it. We kept samples of the handwriting to compare. ;)

Anyway, that's my week in a nutshell! Change is a good thing, and I love my new companion. Still love my area. Still miss Sister Taylor. But life is grand and wonderful. Have I mentioned that I'm six months already? Weird.

I love you all!

Cheerfully, Sister Ball

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