Monday, November 3, 2014

This is Halloween... Mission Style :)

Okay, so basically, Halloween was the strangest day on my mission thus far. Why? Because we didn't go out to work! I woke up that morning and got down to pray that we'd be able to see... wait. NO ONE. We had no one in our plans for that day.
Never happened before. Probably will never happen again.

I dressed up as Sister Melling for the day. In other words, I wore her nametag and she wore mine. :) We had our weekly planning session and then we got to play games together with our zone. And we carved pumpkins. I carved my face into my pumpkin. It was the coolest. :) And then at 5:00, we went to the temple, which is where we spent the rest of the night. Four and a half hours we were there, which totally blew my mind because I spent that whole time thinking about eternity and exaltation and stuff. It made my brain hurt a little... but I think my spirit was happy.

In other news, Sister Melling and I accidentally set off a member's burglar alarm last night. The details of how we did this are unimportant. ;) But it resulted in us leaving an awkward message on their answering machine: "Um... not to alarm you, but we think we accidentally set off your alarm when we knocked on your door. Don't worry... it was just us. Nobody is trying to break in." Only after we hung up did we realize how funny it was that i said "Not to alarm you" and we spent about five minutes on the church library floor, just laughing.

We were real tired last night. :)

Other things happened... Kevin is getting ready for his baptism. Next week, I will be able to tell you the news that he is our newest member. :) We got a couple of referrals, which doesn't  happen very often so we were very excited. We got to go with Gus and his family to the Pheonix temple open house, which was astonishingly beautiful. While we were there, we invited his son Drew to take the lessons. He said he wasn't ready to... yet. But he does believe the gospel is true, and he does want to get married in the temple one day. So... things will work out. :)

I hope all is well with you. Life is grand and wonderful... and only a small percentage of our existence. Don't forget. ;) Thank goodness that we have all eternity to spend with the people we love the most.

Love, Sister Bethany Ball

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