Monday, November 10, 2014

We Are All Enlisted

So, Kevin got baptized this week. :) It was a very happy moment. His new ward has embraced him with all their hearts and souls. A lot of his non-member family came to support him and they all really loved it, and they thanked everyone for loving and embracing Kevin.

Really though. Friends make all the difference in a person's life.

CPR is missionary lingo for Church, Praying and Reading (the scriptures). That is what revives us from spiritual death and keeps our spirits alive and whole. I've been pondering on the church aspect of that formula. Prayer I understand well enough. That's how you communicate with God, and reading the scriptures is how He communicates with you. These things connect us with the Father of our Spirits. It makes sense.

But church? Why is that important?

So we take the sacrament there, and that once again connects us to God. That is a renewal of covenants, or promises, it is a fresh start and it turns our thoughts to Him. We receive the good word of God there, in classes. But that's often delivered by other people - if we wanted pure doctrine, we could just turn to the scriptures and General Conference, correct?

 But I'm learning that there is more than just that. We have three hours of meetings for a reason. We have auxiliaries and activities for a purpose. My theory is that it is so we do not have to muddle through this life alone.
Friends are so important. Church is a support system. It's a hospital full of people who are afflicted by sin, and we're all encouraging each other not to give in to the disease. We're giving each other hope by sharing methods of healing that we've found work for us. We're reassuring each other that there is hope, there is a cure. We're not alone in this fight.

That is why church is so important. Because human beings were not meant to be alone. God knew that. Just praying and reading is not enough to make us strong, because we're actually still just weak souls. We need each other to rely on. :) Church is amazing!

I watched Kevin's life change because of his friends. His friends reached out to him at school and invited him to church and to learn more about the gospel that was so important to them. He did, and he loved it. And he embraced it, while they embraced him. They answered his questions and helped him along the way. He matured a lot in the three and a half months since I've met him. The gospel has changed him and blessed him so immensely, even at 12 years old. And because of his friends, he doesn't have to make this transition alone. :)

Oh, how I love that kid. And I love being a missionary. I got sunburnt this week, but it's okay. Still worth it ha ha. :) 

Love you all. Until next week.

Sister Bethany Ball

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