Tuesday, January 6, 2015


So. It's the new year. And I can officially say that I go home this year. Strange to say, but it is true. :)

Okay, so I feel like I've lived a lifetime in seven days. This week has been long and unusual. Mostly because we moved. We discovered a situation that made our apartment unsuitable to live in, so we moved very quickly and chaotically. It left me in a daze. We're now living in a new house with two other companionships. This living situation is temporary until they find somewhere permanent for us to go, so we still haven't unpacked. I feel like I'm living in limbo, but hey, it's okay. I'm still having fun. :) For now, if you send me anything, send it to the mission office because I don't know where I'll be living.

Also, transfers are on Wednesday. I still don't know if Sister Hutchinson and I will be staying together, but we sincerely hope so! We are great friends and we want another six weeks together. :)

We went to the Mesa Temple visitors center with our investigator Mike on Saturday. That was fun. We've also been visiting one of our recent converts, Ariana, a lot. She came out with us one night to visit some people and we encountered a less-active who flirted with us.. a lot. Eh... We promptly passed him off to the elders. :)

We've been working with a part-member family whose son is leaving on a mission fairly soon. It's been cool to see him preparing to go and change lives, and to see the effect that has on his dad. I love working with these people particularly. I love the ones who seem to have a sincere desire to learn and grow and become better. It is that humility that prepares them to use the Atonement in their lives.

I've come to realize that the Lord wants me to learn the value of being flexible. Because, well, I'm not. I want a set plan, and then to stick rigidly to that plan ALWAYS. But that isn't how the work has been going, nor how my life has gone ever. And I'm just coming to learn to embrace everything that God sends my way. I think I understand better now what Elder Wirthlin meant when he said "Come what may, and love it." Embrace the sad, the happy, the confusing and the clear. Laugh along the way. Life will go on and everything will be okay. Everything will be okay in the end! If it is not okay... then it is not the end.

So there are the words of wisdom borne of my musings. I hope I learn this flexibility thing real soon so that God will stop sending me so many unexpected things. But then, maybe that's not how it works. Oh well. :)

I love you all. Life is beautiful and fantastic. If it doesn't seem that way, you are listening to the wrong voice. ;) God loves you with a love that doesn't end. Never forget.

Love, Sister Ball

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