Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Begginings

Okay, so transfer calls came late last week so I wasn't able to tell you what the news was. But it was very surprising news: I was getting transferred out of my area. It came as a shock because Sister Hutchinson and I were so sure we were staying together for six more weeks! And I truly didn't feel like it was my time to leave.
So it was with a sad heart that I re-packed all my things and said goodbye to the beloved people I'd worked with for six months. Those wards were my home, those people my friends and that area held my heart.
Cue transfers. In a whirlwind of action and activity, my whole world changed again. I am now in a new stake, but I'm only a few miles from where I was at ha ha. :) I'm serving now with Sister Huefner (pronounced Huff-ner) in the Highland zone. This is the poorest area I've served in thus far. Not a bad thing, but it's taken me a minute to adjust. But as I've been here and met people and learned what's going on, I'm beginning to see the Lord's wisdom in His transferring me.
Sister Huefner is amazing. She is happy and she loves everyone. She and I laugh a lot, and we also laugh with our investigators. She has a fantastic relationship with all of them and I have grown to love them too.
Also, we live with a member now! And to my utmost delight, she is the same member that I stayed with my first night in the mission, before I'd even gotten my first companion! She is a remarkable single lady, and we will often talk with her when we get home and laugh together.
Mostly, this new area is a happy thing for me. Change is a good thing, I've decided. And I'm growing because of it. I don't understand completely why I'm here, but I'm trusting the Lord. He has this uncanny way of knowing better than I do what I need. :)
I'll keep you updated! Love you all! :)
Sister Ball

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