Monday, February 16, 2015

Change Approaches

I'm staying in my area. :) Sister Huefner leaves early tomorrow morning and I'm going to hang out with another companionship until I get my new companion on Wednesday! :D I'm sad to see her go, but I look forward to future adventures with a new friend.

Both our wards threw surprise going-away parties for my companion. She is very well loved here. She's made a big difference in so many lives, and they are sad to see her go. For one ward, we innocently showed to to a FHE with a family... to find half the ward there. And we acted out the story of Lehi's dream. :) The other ward had a potluck and a bunch of people shared stories of how Sister Huefner touched their lives. It was so beautiful, I nearly cried. I love seeing her get such a wonderful send off. I want every missionary to feel that loved when they go home. :)

We also taught our good friend Ray. He is just so wonderful. He asks deep questions. And he randomly tells us that he wants to be baptized. And he also asks to be taught by elders, because he thinks his girlfriend won't like him meeting with sisters. :'( But that is okay, I will happily pass him off if that's what is best for him. 

We sang a duet in church yesterday. And it was SO FUNNY because at one point, Sister Huefner nudged me to tell me not to come in early, but I thought she was telling me it was time to sing. So I sang solo there for a minute before I realized it wasn't time to come in. I so badly wish I'd caught me face on camera, because I'm pretty sure I looked horrified. xD

All in all, it's been a good week. We were there when a priest got his mission call, and we got to listen to a homecoming talk on Sunday. All around me I see these milestones happening, these little defining moments. People coming, going, looking back and looking forward. I'm right in the middle, and I'm learning that this is a good place to be. I have ten months behind me and eight months ahead. I have no exciting milestones here, but it's okay - because you can progress no matter what stage you happen to be at. :) Heavenly Father's hand is in my life, and He sends little things to me to let me know He's still mindful of me. :)

I love you all. Have a good week.

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