Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Whitewashed... Surprise!

Please allow me to give you a brief synopsis of events this past week that have led me to be in my 4th area with my 6th companion.
Monday morning: Transfer calls never seem to come. I finally cave in and call my zone leaders to beg for information. They tell me that I am, in fact, staying. This makes logical sense, seeing how Sister Huefner was going home. But still, it didn't seem quite right.
Monday afternoon: We drop off Sister Huefner at the mission office and I go with another companionship, Sister Croft and Sister Caldwell, to go shopping and stuff. About an hour later I get a call from Sister Huefner. She'd just gotten out of her departing interview with President Nattress and she had some life-altering news for me: I was, in fact, getting transferred. Due to the fact that 8 sisters were leaving and only 4 coming in, some sister areas had to get whitewashed and elders were to come in. Mine was to be one of them. O.O
The next few days were chaos. We got up at 4 AM Tuesday morning to take Sister Huefner to the mission office again. She cried when we said out last prayer together. I probably would have too, if I was the crying kind of person. It was hard to say goodbye. She's been one of my favorite companions. And then came the challenging part - running two areas and getting ready to leave. Between Croft's area and mine, we were over five wards and we had a few lessons to teach. Both Sister Caldwell and I were leaving, so we both had to pack and say goodbye to the ward leaders.

We worked it out so that Sister Croft and I were together much of the time while Sister Caldwell went with another companionship - divide and conquer sort of thing. :) Even so, we were up late late late packing. Sleep kinda went out the window there for a while. (It showed too, because I tried to go through a car wash with my bike on the bike rack behind me. That is just a major no no ha ha ha. Learned that lesson. :))
Some amount of late nights and early mornings later, transfer meeting came. The BEST surprise ever happened to me - President Nattress put me with Sister Croft. Cue girlie happy dance moment. We were already sitting together of course and we both jumped up and hugged each other and laughed delightedly.
So here I am. I'm only about a mile and a half away from my last area and I'm still in the same zone. New stake though. I'm now over three wards and we have more investigators than I've seen in a while. Plus we're putting together a giant stake youth activity - yikes! Work here is fast paced, and I feel so good. :) Last week I still felt like I was kind of in a rut, progressing but very slowly. Here in my new area I feel so needed and I just love it. I introduced myself in three new wards and I did my best to learn names and faces and make friends quickly. It energized me.
More than anything, I just feel like I belong here. In my last area, it always felt like a temporary home. I think President always meant to leave me there just one transfer and I knew it. But this new place - I think I'll be staying awhile. And I'm thrilled to death. Plus, I just love Sister Croft. We were roomates my first transfer with Sister Ball, so I've known her my whole mission and we just have so much fun together. This is the first time I've become companions with someone who was my friend first - and I love it! :D
I already feel a connection with out investigators too. One is the maintenance guy in our apartment complex. It's a funny story -  he came in contact with the church because Sister Croft breaks everything so he kept coming to the apartment to fix things. He finally just started asking questions. And then coming to devotionals. And then church. And then started cutting out beer and coffee. And wanting to get baptized and stuff. :) He's a fun guy.
This is a beautiful beginning, and I am so happy. I have so much to be grateful for. Our mission is reading the Book of Mormon together and everything I read just seems to talk about gratitude and praising God. I understand because I often feel so happy I could just sing His praises all day. How great is our God, how loving and merciful and kind. Not a single one of us is forgotten by Him. No matter how dark our days may be, or how far away He feels, He is always there. He will never leave us. And good days, all light and happiness and joy and peace is always waiting on the other side of every heartache. That's the beauty of life and the Plan of Salvation. I'm so happy to be where I am. :)
I love you all. SO much. :) Have a fantastic week.
<3 Sister Bethany Ball

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