Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Baptisms Fall From the Sky!

Okay, so here is the recent news from My Little Area in Gilbert Arizona:

At our first planning session two weeks ago, Sister Croft and I prayed and decided to plan a baptism for week 5. We wrote it in pen in our planners: a baptismal service at 7 PM on Saturday, March 21st. We did not know whose baptism this would be, but we felt strongly that someone would be baptized on that day. We've been inviting each of our investigators to get baptized then, but so far nothing had panned out.

But then last night, our ward mission leader called and told us that he had an investigator for us - her name is Amy, and she's actually a former investigator who has been attending church for years and has known all along that it was true. But she hasn't been baptized because her kids were against it. Well, at church yesterday she approached Brother Law and told him that she was ready to get baptized. She wanted to get baptized on March 21st.

When he told us that, Sister Croft and I about screamed our heads off with excitement. Don't worry, we maintained our dignity while still on the phone. ;) But then we celebrated afterwards, and said a fervent prayer of thanks. MIRACLES HAPPEN! This baptism seems to have just fallen from the sky. It was nothing we had done that prompted it, just the Lord's timing working out. I am just still in shock and awe. This truly is the Lord's work! I've always known it, but sometimes that just seems so clear!
Miracles happen. For all that I've always known it to be true, I still find myself so amazed every time they do. :) God is real. I can't prove it with tangible evidence, but I can see the way He has His hand in my life. Everywhere I turn, I see His little tender mercies. I have so much to be grateful for! It's raining like no other outside and I love it. I feel His love in the rain. In the scriptures. In the words of other people. He's there - I can see it, every day.
Sister Croft and I have fun and work hard every day. Friday we were out biking and we talked to everyone we saw. Just so you all know, that is one part of missionary work that I don't think I'll ever really get used to or comfortable with. But we did it anyway. And we met this nice guy named David - he talked to us for a bit, but told us he wasn't interested. Yet the conversation continued, and we gave him a Book of Mormon. All of the sudden he opened up with questions about things he'd heard and he said his wife had several too. WE were able to set up a return appointment to meet with them both. Miracle? Yes, I think so. New investigators fall from the sky, too. :)
Oh yeah, remember how we were planning a huge stake youth dodgeball tournament? Well, we pulled it off and it was a huge success.
Picture this: a church gym divided in two sections so that two games could be going at once. 300 youth packed in this small space, ages ranging from 14-18. A high strung energy laced through the air. Yelling, shouting, laughing, talking. This is what we experiencedWednesday night. And you know who was solely in charge of this whole deal? Sister Croft and myself. I about died of sheer overload.
But it's okay! Still alive! The kids had so much fun and asked when we were going to do it again. (It might have to wait a while. Until I'm transferred away at least.) There were lots of non-members there and I got to meet a few of them - that was my favorite part. One-on-one interaction is far more my strong suit than harnessing the attention of ten million people. (it feels like 10 million is there's more than 15) And if nothing else... we've earned the respect of all the youth leaders for sure. :)
Funny moment for the week: Sister Croft and I were cleaning apartment Monday night. She was vacuuming when out of the blue, the vacuum started making this horrendous noise! She flipped it over and I examined the spinny brush things. I pulled out some hair and a few paper clips. Then I got up and brushed off my hands, (feeling very proud of myself for knowing how to pull paper clips out of a vacuum) and I told my companion to turn it on. 
Please, you have to understand that Sister Croft and I are both exceptionally blonde. Neither one of us thought to flip the vacuum back over before we turned it on. So when she flipped that switch, HA-WHOOSH!!!! The vacuum exploded dirt and dust all over the living room and right into my companions face. She about died coughing. I about died laughing.
There you go. Hope that made your day. You'll be happy to know that we had the elders fix our vacuum next time. xD
All in all, this week has been splendid, and a far better one is coming on the horizon. You all are the very best, and I love you to smallish pieces. May your days bring laughter, joy and tender mercies from the Lord. :)
All my love, Sister Bethany Ball

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