Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Blessings Pour from Heaven

Hey everyone! The work here continues to move forward with a speed and intensity that I have not experienced before this area. Kolton, the 15-year-old who finally received permission from his mom to be baptized had his long-awaited baptism yesterday. It was a joyous occasion. He was grinning so much and hugging everyone in sight. It was a unique experience, teaching that kid - he's been attending church since he was a child and has gone to seminary for two years now. He knows all the lessons as readily as we do, so going through the lessons was just a formality. We taught them all in one night. In an hour and a half. I've never done that before, and probably it will never happen again. :) Now he's baptized and confirmed and man, seeing him smile at church on Sunday just melted my little heart.

We have three more people on date to be baptized in April. I'm so excited. Erica and her boys just fill my whole heart with love every time I think of them.  She didn't make it to church yesterday due to family complications, but she texted us and asked if we could meet an extra time this week to make up for it. She just has this vast, insatiable desire to learn. She has no history of God in her life, but right now she's drinking up everything we're teaching her. She just has this insatiable thirst for the Spirit and her son Zay was the first to say he wanted to get baptized. It made her cry. Which in turn made Crofty cry. And I probably would have cried, if that were my reaction to the Spirit, but it isn't. I just was so overwhelmed with love and happiness. :)

And Amey, she's been wanting to be baptized for so long and is finally making it a reality. She announced it to our whole Gospel Principles class yesterday and just got teary eyed because she is so happy. I love to watch it. I love to see these lives changing as people embrace Jesus Christ and the gospel. I never expected this to be so rewarding. I mean, you hear it all the time, but until you actually experience it you cannot truly understand. I love these people. With all my heart. I've never felt like my life had such purpose.

All this and the miracles in between, I'm just bursting with happiness. I can't figure out why the Lord is blessing me and Sister Croft so much (because really, none of this is to our credit) but I'm so grateful. I know the success of a missionary has never been measured by outward signs, but on the change from inside - but to be a part of so many life-changing moments makes me beyond pleased. I'm so happy to be where I'm at. I wouldn't trade this for anything. My dad got married on Saturday - I was picking lemons for a service project at the exact time the ceremony was taking place. I remember taking note of the time and knowing what was happening at home, but still feeling so content. The experiences I had that day, and this life I've chosen, was a fair trade. I'm happy for my family, and I'm happy for where I'm at. I couldn't give it up for anything. Knowing what I know now, I could not change the decisions I've made.
This is missionary life: the ups and downs, the frustration and grief in sharp contrast with joy and contentment. I am happy. I hope you are all happy too. We have the greatest blessing on our hands. We have a Heavenly Father who loves us perfectly. Thank you for all your prayers and support... I love you all. Keep growing, praying and serving. :)
All my love, Sister Ball

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