Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cactus Spikes and Separation Anxiety

So, this morning Sister Croft and I had this genius idea that we were going to go to a nearby cactus forest and take some pictures. Let's just say those cactus spikes are very sneaky little buggers and I spent a good amount of time afterward pulling them out of my body. Now I know why I don't see more people taking pictures in the cactus forest. -.-
And if that isn't enough to make you laugh, I will now proceed to tell you of a little event that happened this week. It started with another brilliant idea, entitled "Let's Go Green-Heart-Attack People in Honor of Saint Patricks Day." We cut out a bunch of green hearts and gold coins, wrote little messages on them and armed ourselves with tape. Our first victim was our beloved investigator Erica. Crofty and I hid around the corner of her house and put the tape on the back of all the hearts. And then we taped those hearts to ourselves and snuck up to the front door, where we proceeded to transfer those hearts from our arms to the door. Then, Crofty was like, "Should we ring the doorbell and run away?" This is what we did. It was going to be a beautiful getaway, except for one minor problem: Crofty ran left and I ran right. I looked back just in time to see my companion disappear around the opposite corner of the house.
This presented a major problem, because Erica's cousin Rex opened the door right then and I had no choice but to stay hidden. While separated from my companion by A WHOLE HOUSE. There I waited for what felt like a decade. I was terrified that the neighbors would see me, a lone missionary, crouching creepily in the shadows by a house. To preserve the churches good name, I removed my nametag.
Eventually Rex back inside and I went and found my companion hyperventilating behind a car. Turns out, we don't do well with separation as missionaries. The moral of the story? Settle on an escape plan BEFORE you ring the doorbell. xD
To top of the funny events, we also had some amazing lessons this week. One was last Monday, with Erica herself. She's caught fire since we first started meeting with her. We came over and almost the first thing she said was "What am I learning about today?" We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ - faith, repentance, baptism, Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. But she still wanted to learn more! So we read the Book of Mormon with her. And she read and read and read and asked question after questions. I've never experienced anything like it. It was incredible. As we sat there on her back porch, reading scriptures, I honestly couldn't think of any place I would rather be. :)
And then last night we met with Amey. She's the one who's been investigating the church for years and has finally decided to be baptized. We taught the Plan of Salvation, and there was surprisingly a lot she still had never learned. Good thing we're required to go through all the lessons no matter how long they've been taking them ha ha. :) But it was very neat - her daughter Sarah was there, and she isn't necessarily interested but she is very supportive of her mom's decision. As we talked about the power of the Atonement, Amey, Sarah and I learned that we shared some similar life experiences and because of that I was able to testify so personally to them. It was so tender to me. It was the first time I feel like I've been able to help an investigator personally, not simply because of my role as a missionary but because of who I am and my own experiences. It was the first time I feel like I've been sent specifically to someone. It's a very sweet feeling.
All in all, it's been a good week. Adventures, lessons learned, tender moments, learning to follow the Spirit, gaining a greater understanding of who I am... it just doesn't get any better than this. :) I know Christ lives. He loves me, He loves you. The Atonement is real, and its power never ends. Happiness is attainable for all. There is no one beyond saving, no one beyond His reach. The price was too high for anyone to not be covered by it. :)
I love you all. Have a fantastic week. :)
Love, Sister Ball

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