Monday, March 9, 2015

Quick Update

It's a beautiful day! And it's been an incredible week! I'm short on time today, so I'll just give you some highlights:
- Last Monday, it was raining like crazy. But we missionaries wanted to play kickball. So we played kickball in the mud. :] It was the most fun p-day activity I've ever had. If you friend the Arizona Gilbert Mission on facebook, you'll see pictures! :D
- Our newest/former investigator Amey is just amazing. Sooooo she may not be baptized on March 21st after all, she's thinking more like right after Easter. Still. That's not far. She's been investigating the church for 14 years! And I'm just so happy and I feel so blessed to be part of her journey now, when she's decided she's finally ready to take such a big step. She's amazing. I just love her already. :)
- We helped our investigator Erica unpack and organize her closet. That was the most fun I've ever had on a service project. She is just a kind hearted soul, and we laughed and talked as we unpacked and organized. She's never had God in her life, just a vague belief in Him. But she's starting to get excited as she learns. It's incredible to see her catching fire as she's been praying and reading from the Book of Mormon.
- Our bishop called us Thursday night with another miracle: A 15 year old who has been wanting to be baptized for years finally received permission from his mom. Since he's been attending church every Sunday and attending seminary for two years, he's already practically a member. Now it's just time to make it official. He's getting baptized this very Saturday, the 14th. Another baptism has fallen from the sky! Once again... I'm just so happy to be part of his journey at this time.
Heavenly Father's hand in all things is clearly visible. I can hardly believe the outpouring of miracles my companion and I have seen in this short time. I'm happy and excited. I love being here. Summer is already starting - it's warm and I can smell the grass. I love it. I love Arizona, and I love missionary work. This is going to be an incredible week, I can just feel it.
I hope you all are just having the best week ever. Know I love and pray for you. Thank you for your support. I'll talk to you soon. :)
- Sister Ball

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