Monday, April 13, 2015


So, I don't know if I mentioned this, but the apartment we moved into used to be occupied by elders. Not all elders leave their apartments a mess, but this one... well, we spent a while cleaning. I am now almost a pro at using a Rug Doctor. :)

Also enclosed are pictures of us with our investigator Amey, who is getting baptized in two weeks. :) And there's a picture of us holding a paper chain link we made to count down the days till her baptism. Each link has a scripture on it for her to look up. She is just the greatest thing since sliced bread. I love her from the very depths of my soul! :)

Crofty and I sometimes feel like we hold the fate of the whole world in our hands. :)

Also, here are the pictures of the collapsed bunk bed. Note my horrified face. :)

Sometimes, I'm having a bad day so all my roommates come and sit on me and take selfies. xD

Left to right is Sister Russell from Wyoming, Sister Junod from Switzerland, myself and Crofty from Utah. :)

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