Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Year Mark!

Good news, friends! I hit my year mark! I am still alive, still a missionary and still so happy. :)
Okay, here's the thing: This week was forever long. We did so much this week. I don't remember all it was, but I'll do my best to give a run down.
Monday: We went to talk to a couple of guys playing basketball in the park. This frightened us. Everything about basketball frightens me, and trying to talk to two random strangers while they're playing this sport? Yikes. But, then one of them dropped the ball and ran over to talk to us. That doesn't happen every day. Turns out, he was a recent convert and he loves all missionaries. That wasn't so scary after all. ^^
Tuesday: We had a lesson with Joe. It is his dream to be baptized in a river. And he's stubborn and doesn't want to settle for less. This is proving mighty difficult for us because, well, it's just real hard to get permission to baptize someone in a river around these parts. >.<
Wednesday: Crofty got real sick, but we had lessons planned so I left her with a member and went out with a laurel to teach the lessons. Yikes.
Thursday: Hey! That was my year mark! Crofty was still sick, but I went on exchanges with another sister missionary, Sister Salyer, and was able to go to the temple and then to lessons later that night. Plus, a member took me out for ice cream. Which was all fine and dandy, except I forgot that Sister Croft was at a members house waiting for me to come back for her. We got back to our apartment and our roommates were like "Hey, where's Crofty?" And I was like... oh no. I forgot my companion. So, that was awkward. But don't worry, we went back for her. ;)
Friday: Sister Croft was back on her feet! :D We got out and biked and talked to ten million people. Every single one of them was nice. :) That was a good night. Oh, and we tried to take a picture with a cow and she licked me. I'm never taking pictures with cows again. -.-
Saturday: Our roommates and I practiced for a musical number we're performing for zone conference. Sister Russell is playing the piano and Sister Junod and I are singing "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus", half in English and half in French. It's going to be amazing! I'm learning to sing in French! :D
Sunday: Nine hours of church, our lesson cancelled and we got two dinners. (Something about this area, I tell you.... I've never had so many double dinners in my life. -.- This is because all of our investigators like to make us dinner when we come over for lessons. I don't think they realize we eat with members every night. :) We finalized the plans for Amey's baptism.... which is this Saturday! Whoo hoo! She's going to get baptized! :D I'm speaking at her baptism. Yikes!
So yes. That is my week in a nutshell. It involved a lot of last-minute plan changes, some "Yikes!" moments and lots of laughter. Sister Croft and I have a lot of fun together. Even on the days when everything goes haywire... we still laugh. It's the best part of our companionship. :)
I hope you all have a wonderful week! Talk to you soon!
Love, Sister Ball

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