Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Pictures Exchange

Exchanges on Saturday with Sister Haycock! :D We had some good times. We practiced riding our bikes with no hands. I hold the record with a total of 5 seconds ha ha. xD 

Amey's baptism! :D As I mentioned before, she has been investigating for a long time so she's had a lot of missionaries involved in her story. A couple of the elders who taught her in the past were able to come! One of them is from Ukraine and I wanted SO BAD to practice my Russian with him... but I didn't remember enough to even try. -.- Tragic. That is what that is.

We got a picture when she "passed" her interview. :)

And then we got a poetic little picture of us watching the font fill up. xD

More pictures from our exchange! :)
This is what we look like after a long day of biking ALL DAY. :)

And this is what it looks like when the sun sets in Arizona while a storm is approaching. :D

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