Monday, May 11, 2015

The Unexpected Happens

So let me begin this email by informing you all that transfer calls came last night and - dun dun dun - Sister Croft and I are staying together! AGAIN! :D This is the first time I've stayed with someone for more than two transfers. I am so excited! Also, she goes home this next transfer so, once again, I will be sending a companion home. I'm becoming professional at this whole sending-people-home thing. xD 

But we're happy to stay together, if very surprised. We had to call the zone leaders to make sure they were being serious and they were. It will be a good thing. Lots is happening in this area. Joe was baptized on Wednesday! :D He was one happy duck at his baptism. He invited all his friends, most of whom were non-members, and a good part of whom actually live in our area. So we have a lot of potential investigators that way. Even better, Joe keeps inviting them to church and has sent missionaries to a few of them living outside our mission. This guy is already being a missionary! He even talks about serving a mission after he retires. He is just so great. :]

But wait, there is more! Amey, who got baptized end of April, is selling her house and moving. :( That wasn't the happy part. The happy part is that she has a grandson who lives with her and has never shown an interest in learning more all through the years that she's been taking the lessons. But, we went over on Tuesday night.... and he sat in on the lesson with us. :O Then we went over on Saturday to help them pack stuff up and hold a garage sale. While we were there, se invited him to church. he was pretty non-committal about all this, but come Sunday afternoon..... there he was at church! :O It is one heck a miracle here, folks ha ha ha.

I've loved watching change happen in peoples lives. One of the elders in my zone recently said that the best part of being a missionary is that you get  a front-row-seat in watching the Atonement make changes in people. I have to say I agree. Being a missionary is hard! Harder than I knew it would be. But every moment, every broken moment, has been worth it. It's been worth it to see Michael change, to see Amey change, to see Joe change... Kevin, Erin, Natalie. So many people. All of them have more happiness than they did before. I don't feel like I did much - it was all them, all their choices, but I love that I could teach them in some small way what choices to make. My testimony has grown just from watching them. I know that living the gospel leads to a better life.

I know my Savior lives, and that He loves me too. His roles in our life is what enables us to be happy, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Life is good, my friends. Life is very good. :)

I love you all. Have a fantastic week.

--Sister Ball

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