Monday, July 20, 2015

Always Moving Forward

Dearest friends and family.... by the time I email next Monday, Duane and his girls will be baptized and confirmed members of the church. :) Teaching them has been one of the greatest privileges of my life. When we first met, their lives were strained by bitterness and loss. But I've been able to see that change into peace, love and acceptance of God's will. They are so near to my heart these days and I can honestly say that the sum total of all the sacrifices I have ever made to be here as a missionary now does not outweigh the blessings of knowing and loving this one small family. They say I changed their life, but they changed mine.
I know God lives. I know He loves each one of us. I was reading in 1 Nephi 17 earlier this morning and Nephi was talking about how Christ was a pillar of light leading the children of Israel through the wilderness. He was there with them, day and night, painstakingly guiding them to where they needed to be.
He is still that for us now. He is our light in the wilderness. He is with us day and night, painstakingly guiding us to where we need to be. We may be asked to forge new paths or do hard things, but we do not have to do them alone.
He is with us. He always has been, always will be. His love is there. We do not have to qualify for it. It is simply there. I know it is.
Thank you for all your love, support and prayers. I feel them
Love, Sister Ball.

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