Thursday, August 27, 2015

God Knows Us

So, I has a little story to tell you all. :)
Week before last, Sister Fairchild and I were tracting and we met this girl named Amber. She told us she was agnostic but that she was willing to listen to our message. I had a good feeling about her during out very brief encounter and I looked forward to our returning appointment.
However, experience has taught me that people we meet through tracting don't keep their appointments. So when we knocked on her door Wednesday night, I very much didn't expect her to be there. Surprise: She was there. She remembered. She was anxiously awaiting our arrival. She let us in, and we proceeded to converse and learn about her entire life story. In short, she's had a difficult life. I was very moved to compassion as she spoke. And then she told us that just a few days before we knocked on her door, she had an experience where God answered a desperate prayer she'd been pleading. He let her know He was there, and that He was listening.
When we knocked on her door that day, she knew immediately we were sent from God to help her answer her many questions. That's why she invited us back, and that's why she is meeting with us now.
We tell this experience to the people in our wards when they ask how the work is going, and no matter how many times I share the story I am still just amazed at how merciful our God is. I cannot even adequately explain because the feeling that existed in Amber's living room as we spoke cannot be described. All I can tell you is that I know Amber is a daughter of God. He loves her so much, and He has been with her every step of the difficult path she's been called to walk on. He always knew where she was and what she needed. He knew when she was ready to listen, and He sent two young sister missionaries to help her find the way to true happiness: through the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Basically, Amber means a lot to me. When the call came, weeks ago now, that I would be staying in my area I immediately knew there was someone else for me to find here, and I think I found her. I love her so much already. :)
I never cease to be awed by the miracles I see. I know God lives. I know He loves us. There are evidences of it every single day. I have learned that He almost always answers our prayers through another person. My very most favorite part of being a missionary is the part where I suddenly realize that I was on the Lord's errand - without even realizing it, I was exactly where I needed to be visiting the very person that God wanted me to see.
That is a very blessed feeling indeed.
We talked to Duane on the phone yesterday. He went to his new ward and found it to be considerably less friendly than the one he just left. It saddened me to hear about his challenges. But then he told me that it didn't matter - he knows what it means to hold on to the iron rod. And he will never let go of that, no matter what challenges he faces.
That is also a very blessed feeling, to hear your recent convert say that.
Friends, I have been very blessed. I am so grateful to be here. I am grateful for every moment, the good, the discouraging and the in-between. God is in the details of our lives. He always has been. He loves you, and He always will. I know that for certain. :)
I love you.... have a very wonderful week. 
Sincerely, Sister Ball

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