Monday, August 10, 2015

The Best Investment

Transfers. They happen and pass, quicker than you realize. Time seems surreal when you count everything by six-week increments.
This week:
Duane moved. He never let us know exactly when he was leaving. We simply biked past one day and saw the moving truck, loaded up and ready to go. It was kind of sad. Okay, very sad. But, he came to our ward one last time yesterday and it was good to see him and his girls. He received the priesthood. Sister Fairchild and I got to be there for that. It made me happy. He seems so content. He knows he still has much to learn, and he looks forward with faith. I am so proud of him, every day.
We picked up a couple of new investigators, David and Christina. I met them when I first got put with Sister Croft (six months ago, crazy!) and we've been trying to get in to teach them ever since. We went over this week and Christina told us that she'd done some research and what she learned she thought was very false. But, she said she wanted us to come and teach them anyway, so she could hear from us why we believed as we do. I feel such hope in that. They are some of the nicest people I've ever met on the planet. So I eagerly look forward to our further meetings. :)
We met a couple of less-active families we've been trying to see and set up returning appointments with them both. Yay! :)
Our roommate, Sister Taylor from Japan is training a new greenie. Her name is Sister Drummond, from Oklahoma. The funny thing about this situation is that Sister Taylor is the music coordinator for the whole mission (a big job, I tell you) and my companion is kind of her assistant. The result is that we've been going on exchanges almost every day while they work on that stuff, so I've essentially been co-training Sister Drummond. Yikes! Training a new missionary is a big responsibility, I tell you. It's a lot of fun though. Sister Drummond is a fireball. I can hardly keep up with her ha ha.
Also, I spoke in church yesterday. I didn't know I was going to be doing so - we just showed up to Brighton ward and the 2nd counselor stopped us and said "Our concluding speaker is very ill... can you fill in for him today?" So it was with little advance notice that I stood in sacrament meeting and shared all my thoughts on the Book of Mormon and its power. Fortunately, I've been doing that very thing for the past 15 months, so it wasn't even hard. :) Adventures of missionary life, yay!
That's all for now, folks. The work rolls forward whether we hop on board or not. I read the talk again, "The Fourth Missionary" which, in simplest terms, explains that the only way you gain anything from your mission experience is if you give your whole heart and soul over to the Lord. I only have a limited time available to me, so it is will utmost willpower that I want to strive to do that very things. After all, what I can make of my heart and soul is nothing compared to what the Lord can make of my heart and soul. Since I want this mission to be my best investment, I must put in as much as possible, and that's what I'm going to do. That, I believe, is the solution for all happiness in life. :)

I love you all. I hope that life is going well, and even if it seems that it's not, I hope you are trusting in the Lord. He has it all handled. :) Have a faith-filled week.
Love, Sister Ball

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