Saturday, August 8, 2015

Transfer #12

Transfer news came in last night. Drum roll please........ I am STAYING!!!! And so is Sister Fairchild!
Honestly, nothing could have POSSIBLY surprised me more than that news. I fully expected to leave. I've been in this area for six months now - my longest area - and because Sister Fairchild goes home at the end of this transfer, I will have to stay one more transfer. Which will be my last transfer. Which means I am going to end my mission in this area. And did I mention that this means I will be in this area 9 months?? That is half my mission.
So, that is all the shock that went through my brain at the news. But you know what is awesome?? That means Sister Fairchild and I get another transfer together! I was very sad because I thought I would leave her, but this is not the case. We're staying together, folks. I'm sending yet another missionary home. This brings my total up to 4 missionaries I've sent home. Please note - that is a record in this mission. xD
Anyway,  now let me tell you about other news. Duane and his family are moving, the same day as transfers. I am very sad to see them go. But, something incredible happened this week. Duane has a good friend Shelley who has sat in on a few of our lessons over the past couple of weeks. It turns out that she used to take the lessons with her sister, months ago. And she was very close to a senior couple in our mission who I was very close to as well. So we had a connection, and she began to open up slowly to us.
And since Duane has been baptized and she's seen the remarkable change in him, she's made sure she comes to every lesson we teach him. This week, she gave us her address and phone number and asked us to send the missionaries to her house to teach her again. Miracle! Sister Fairchild and I were so happy, because we'd been praying for that very thing. :)
Duane has actually been causing lots of lives to change since his baptism. He has no problem telling everyone in the world what has brought him so much happiness over the past several weeks. His oldest daughter, though not interested herself, asked if he would take his grandkids to church with him. And he had a friend from back in Massachusetts ask how he could get missionaries to come teach him.
So much good is being spread out to the world by his influence. I watched his life slowly change as we met in his living room, week after week. It has brought me so much joy. But I never even realized the possibility that those little life-changing meetings could reach out an influence people far outside my own reach.
Missionary work is an incredible thing. And it is a joy to be a part of.
Folks, I know this work is the work of God. I cannot doubt it. I've seen too many miracles. I've seen the gospel work. I've seen it change men who thought they were too far lost. There is no one on this planet who is too far gone. The Savior descended below all things, so He could lift each of us up. Our lives can change. We can change. We do not have to be victims of circumstance. And it is all possible through the Atonement of Christ.
I am so grateful for it. And I'm grateful for each of you.
I love you.
Sincerely, Sister Ball

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