Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Transfer #13

Good news my friends! Transfers happened, and I have a companion again. Even better, I have the best companion a girl could ask for. :D Her name is Sister Kranc (rhymes with France) and she is from Toronto, Canada. She is such a happy person and she makes my life better. She gets along with the members and our investigators very well - which is good because she is going to be taking over this area when I leave! :O
But, no sense in dwelling on that. xD
Amber is still a super solid investigator. She's been to church every Sunday and has even posted on Facebook how much she loves it! This was met with questions from friends and she replied by sharing her testimony and what things she loves about the gospel. One of them even expressed an interest in learning more! Amber is a little missionary already! :D One of our members had her and us over for dinner last night and her fiancee Kyle came along. Have I ever talked about Kyle? I can't remember. Well, Kyle is hilarious. No interest himself, but he has been completely supportive of her decision to join the church. He often walks through the room during our discussions and sometimes derails our conversation with a side comment about something completely unrelated to what we are talking about ha ha ha. We have a good relationship with him. :) He loves plants, so when we were reading Alma 32 with Amber I got all excited and called him in - "Kyle! You have to read this one! It's about plants!" So now anytime we read about seeds or trees or growing things of any kind, I have to call his attention to it. xD Last night, we found a mormon message that had something plant-related in it to share - just for him. :) It was called "Will of God" and talked about how sometimes it seems God is cutting us down, when in reality He is preparing us to reach our full potential. He liked it and even talked about how Amber meeting us had been so good for her, and he believed it was God's will that we come into their lives and this point in time.
Yes, Kyle. Yes it was. :)
So that is the big exciting news. Still no sign that they're getting married any sooner than March though. :/
It feels good to be back out on my bike again, to be a normal missionary. But I will forever be grateful for those two weeks I was pushed to do hard things. I grew a lot. I face the future now with more faith than ever. I know God lives. I know Jesus Christ lives. His hand is in our lives every day. His tender mercies can be seen every day! Like today - it is raining. I love the rain. Every time it rains, I feel like my Heavenly Father is sending it just for me, for no other reason than to tell me He loves me. :) It is a good moment.
I am very grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost. During my studies this week I realized that the having the Holy Ghost with you means that your covenant relationship with Jesus Christ is still in working order - by making covenants with Him, you become part of a partnership with Him, a team if you will. And if you have a perfect person on your team, is your team going to lose? No! Which means that you are not a lost cause, not ever, as long as those covenants are valid. And every time you feel the Holy Ghost, that means your covenants are valid. It means that Jesus Christ is still part of your team.
Maybe that is why they call the Holy Ghost a comforter... because it is such a comfort to know you are not a lost cause. :) I am so grateful to know that. I am more at peace than ever before. I know I'm not perfect by any means, but my offering is acceptable to the Lord. Every time I feel the Spirit, I know my offering is acceptable to Him. :)
I love this work. I love being a missionary. I love you all. The rain makes me miss Utah, but the missing it isn't painful. It is simply a reminder that when my mission ends, there will be another beginning. I'm not ready to say goodbye to this life just yet, but I am at peace that that time is soon coming. I insist on living these last few weeks to the fullest.
And then I'll see you again. :)
With all the love my tender soul has to possess,
Sister Ball

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