Monday, October 12, 2015

A Quick Note

So, time is short today. Today Sister Kranc and I are doing a thousand things. It's Canadian Thanksgiving! One of our members is hosting a big ol' Thanksgiving Dinner for Sister Kranc and I. She served in Sister Kranc's hometown on her mission, so that's kind of fun. :) And this morning we went shopping with Amber (you know you're best friends with your investigator when you go shopping together) and in about 20 minutes we're going to go play sports with the elders in our zone. We're going to play dodgeball. But the best part is that a member supplied Sister Kranc and I with an entire arsenal of nerf guns to unload on them midway through the game. Hey, we're the only sisters and we have to protect ourselves somehow!
But, the big miracle of the week.... (drumroll please) Kyle, Amber's fiancee sat in on a lesson with us! And he said the closing prayer! And he confessed to listening in on our lessons all along while pretending not to! And he asked for our help to quit smoking! And he might want to get baptized too! Yaaaaaay!
I am seriously so happy about that I could die. :]
Our entire Gospel Principles class joined in on a fast for Amber and Kyle to quit smoking. They threw out all their cigarettes and have decided not to buy any more. It is a huge miracle. And, Amber got a priesthood blessing last night. That was one of the most spiritual experiences of my mission thus far. Amber is amazing. That is all I can say.

And to top this all off... here is a picture of me at the temple. Nevermind the goofballs in the background. (They're some of my favorite elders, actually. I'm totally unloading the nerf guns on them first. ;)
Love you all! Have a great week!

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