Monday, October 19, 2015

Forever Blessed

Once upon a time, there was a missionary. A very happy one. She was looking over her life one day and came to this conclusion: She was very, very blessed.
In case you were wondering, this missionary is me. ;)
The week has been a good one. Fasting for Amber and Kyle to quit smoking was an incredible experience. They still haven't quit smoking altogether, but they're both down to just one cigarette a day. For the longest time, Amber was stuck at two a day so we keep reminding her that this is remarkable progress. Especially for Kyle, who before this week hadn't been trying to quit at all! :) I have a testimony of fasting, folks. God always answers prayers and I know that before long, both of them will be free from this addiction. :)
A little miracle happened this week too. Remember Joe, who got baptized back in May while I was still with Sister Croft? Well, he moved out of the ward right after his baptism so we never see him anymore. :( But once in a great while I still find myself planning him in, hoping our paths will cross if we're in the apartments at the same time (his girlfriend lives there, so he stops in once in a while) One night our appointment cancelled and we felt this pull toward the apartments. We meandered that way and wa-bam, there was Joe just barely getting out of his truck. We were able to talk for over an hour and I am so proud of him! He still has this chain-link of scriptures Crofty and I made for him before she left and he keeps it in his office. Once in a while he'll be visiting with someone who is going through a rough time and he'll reach up and pull a link off the chain, read the scripture and it always turns out to be exactly what that person needs. :) How neat is that. He's being a little missionary. Joe is honestly one of the most selfless people I've ever met in my life. I feel so blessed to know him, and especially to see him at least once more before I go.
Talon is officially passed off the the YSA elders by now. He went the the YSA ward yesterday and lo and behold... there were many friends there he knew from school and stuff, so he felt welcomed and comfortable. It's hard to pass someone off when you love them so dearly. Fortunately, I trust those elders who have him now, and I trust the Lord. He was the one who told us it would be best for Talon to go to YSA anyway. :)
It's good to see the work move forward. Things are always moving and changing, much faster than I can keep track of. One of the things I've learned is simply to trust in the Lord. After all, He has guided my past and He will forever guide my future. Watching this period of my life come to a close is very, very hard. I don't like goodbyes and I don't like lasts and I don't like endings. All of those things are on my dislike list. :) I half-wish I could just stop it here so I would never have to deal with all the lasts.
But I'm very, very grateful for one more week.
We're having dinner with Amber and Kyle tonight (chicken salad sandwiches, yum! She said I had to choose a meal that didn't requite her turning on an oven because she has a curious tendency to turn things black when she uses an oven ha ha) and then we're watching the Joseph Smith movie together. We're going to invite Kyle to start taking the lessons now, pray for us! :) I bought her a journal to start writing down her story. I figured one day her kids will want to know how she came to gain a testimony that the church is true. These precious moments must be recorded, you know. ;)
I am so grateful to be a member of the restored church of Jesus Christ, folks. And I am so grateful to be his missionary. It is a blessing to be a witness to peoples' lives changing. It is a blessing to be on the Lord's errand. :) It is a blessing to know that THAT will never change, even post-mission I can still be His servant.
Well, have the best week ever and treasure each precious moment. I'll be doing the same. I love you all so much. Talk to you soon.
Love, Sister Ball

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