Saturday, October 10, 2015

Let's Talk Conference

But in all honesty, wasn't conference just so amazing? :D Sister Kranc and I spent the entire week counting down with childlike excitement - "Only 3 more sleeps until conference!" and after Sunday afternoon session was over we found ourselves sitting in the emptying chapel staring dejectedly into space while the ward members starting taking down the equipment. How can it be over already?
I always assumed that my last conference, because it is so close to my departing date, would be nothing but revelation for what I needed to do when I get home. False. I STILL had notes that had everything to do with my investigators. I called Duane that night and told him everything I'd learned on his behalf. He just laughed at me. -.- It's proving very difficult to get out of missionary mode ha ha, but by the last session I felt like I'd gotten answers for myself as well. Phew.
Speaking of Duane, he came up from Coolidge this week to take Sister Kranc and I out to lunch. It was so good to see him. :) I guess technically I'm not his missionary anymore - he has elders now - but I still feel a strong obligation to do everything I can to ensure his testimony is still growing. We still talk on the phone at least once a week. But, do you know what he did to me this week at lunch?? He bought me SUSHI and he made me try it. (Okay, he didn't MAKE me, I have my agency and stuff. But still! ;)
Actually, sushi isn't bad folks. Who knew. O.o
But, that isn't the most appalling part. I guess there's this green stuff called wasabi that always comes on the side with sushi. I didn't know what it was. Neither did Sister Kranc. So Duane put a little on each of our chopsticks and had us both try it at the same time  and let me tell you... it was not guacamole like I thought it was! That stuff hit me so hard my ears were ringing afterward.
So that was my introduction to wasabi. :)
Okay, that was a total side note. I'm going back to conference now. My favorite talk was by Brother Devin G. Durrant, who invited us to do two things:
1. Save just a little money each week. Small efforts, sustained over time, yields great results. ;)
2. "Ponderize" one scripture each week. This means put it in a place you will see it regularly and ponder what it means to you. Again, small efforts sustained over time yields great results.
I felt like that was direct revelation to me as a soon-to-return-missionary who wonders how she can ensure that her testimony will still grow post-mission.
Okay, but actually Elder's Hollands talk was probably my favorite. It just about shook my world. If you haven't heard it, you need to. It will change your perspective on mothers everywhere.
Basically, all of conference was great. :)
Other news of the week: Talon is actually not getting baptized on the 17th. :'( but, it is for a good reason. He told his parents - who are none too fond of the church - and they decided they would support him. Yaaay! :D But Talon's dad is going to be away on a business trip over the 17th and doesn't get back until Halloween... so if we want him to come, it has be sometime in November. So, the four of us (us, Talon and Emily) decided it was worth it and postponed the baptism to a later date. Does my heart hurt? Yes, but it is far more happy than it is hurt. :)
Amber is still amazing and golden. She came to conference with a question in mind, watched all the session except one (she had to work) but recorded that one and is watching it today. Amazing. That's all I can say about her. Also, she is threatening to lock me in her closet so I can't leave. But that's another story. :]
Being a missionary is just wonderful. At times, I wish I could slow down time so I could enjoy the moment even more. But that doesn't work, they pass by quicker than you can blink. But, eternity is made up of these little moments and I am so, so grateful that my eternity is made up of so many beautiful and happy moments. <3 There are still so many memories to make.
I love you all! Don't forget to pray. Prayer changes lives. :) Have a great week!
Love, Sister Ball

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