Saturday, October 10, 2015

Live, Love, Serve, and Learn

Like a blur, another week has passed by and I suddenly find myself on the brink of OCTOBER.
Probably I would be freaking out about that more if I wasn't so excited for Conference to come. :D We missed the live broadcast of the Women's Conference because we had a service project going on all that evening. But our good dear friend Amber recorded it for us and we had a girls party last night watching it. Amber LOVED it. I swear she couldn't be any more golden if she tried. While even I, as a missionary, struggle to focus and learn from the whole our and a half session, she drank it all in eagerly and proclaims that she can't wait for the next 8 hours of listening to conference.
Usually, we have to persuade people to watch conference. She just hops on board before we say a word. :)
Speaking of golden investigators, I have good news everyone. It is entitled I Will Have a Baptism Ten Days Before I Get Home. Yay! No, this isn't Amber who is getting baptized (though I admit I still am hoping a miracle will occur and she'll be baptized before I leave) but this is a new kid, someone I met while I was solo.
Okay, backtrack. First off let me note that the bishop's daughter in one of my wards has become my best friend, partly because she was with me every other day while I was solo. Her name is Emily and I call her my honorary mission companion because she really did feel like my companion while we were together. I love her to death. ANYWAY, her best friend isn't a member and sometime during that whirlwind of activity while I was solo, he agreed to meet with us missionaries, we had the first lesson and he was touched by the Spirit. Long story short: Talon, Emily's best friend, is getting baptized on October 17th.
I have a testimony of member missionary work, folks. :]
It has been so neat to see him grow in just the short time I've known him. He doesn't have a religious background at all and as we teach him, he will suddenly be overcome with emotion as he realized that Jesus Christ has been in his life all along. THAT is the best part of being a missionary: watching people gain a relationship with their Savior. I've seen it with Amber as she has grown more confident and drinks in all knowledge that we try to pour into her brain. I see it with Talon as he eagerly anticipates his baptism. I even see it in Emily! She said she's changed as she's worked so closely with the missionaries. Missionary work automatically brings everyone involved closer to Christ. Maybe that's why missions are such a monumental point in a person's life. :) I've seen myself change. I care less about what people think and more about what God thinks than I did before. I have a better vision of who I am and why I am here. Life is beautiful and wonderful, and I've never loved it more. <3
I hope all is well back home. I hope the leaves are changing and the air is getting crisp. It's STILL very hot here, so just think of me next time you feel cold. :) Thank you for your many prayers. I love you all and the gospel is true! Jesus Christ lives!
Sincerely, happily,
Sister Bethany Ball

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