Monday, November 2, 2015

Preach My Gospel!!

This is us with some of our favorite members.

I decided I wanted to go out on fire. So yesterday and this morning Sister Kranc and I went to visit people in our area that I knew and I told them (essentially) "I just dedicated the last 18 months of my life to this and it means the world to me. Will you allow the sisters come back and teach you? I know it will bless your life." We picked up 3 new investigators in the last 24 hours. Hurrah for Israel! I know this is the Lord's work! I know the Savior lives! I know the Book of Mormon is a true record with real people in it! I love the gospel and I want to live it and declare it forever! :D

Okay, outburst of excitement over. Except, not really. ;) Watch out Utah, here I come!

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